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How To Pursue A Lemon Law Claim In California

So you’ve decided to file a lemon law claim, but where do you start? Some people try to follow this process on their own, but quickly find the time investment too much of a commitment. Furthermore, lemon laws in California can be difficult to understand or decipher.

For that reason, hiring a lawyer with experience handling lemon law cases is often a good first step. At the Law Offices of Jack L. Chegwidden, we take on the legal burden of pursuing your lemon law claim. We’ll keep you informed of all developments as they happen.

We offer a free case evaluation and only recover our attorneys’ fees if we successfully recover compensation from the dealer or manufacturer on your behalf. Call 866-544-4072 today to schedule a consultation.

The following is a general step-by-step guide through the lemon law process, though each case will be unique.

Gather Your Documentation

As with all legal proceedings, thorough documentation of your issue will be critical to your success. Some of the most important documents to gather include:

  • Your initial purchase or lease agreement
  • Warranty information, including agreements if you purchased an extended warranty
  • Any bills, invoices or receipts for repair work

In addition, you should keep track of conversations or correspondence you have had with the manufacturer.

As your advocate, we will review your documentation, advise you on whether you need additional documents and help you organize your claim to ensure all pieces are present before submission.

Submit Your Claim To The Manufacturer

The next step would be to submit your claim to the manufacturer. It generally takes about a month after you submit your claim to hear back on a decision. Your manufacturer will either:

  • Approve the claim and offer you a repurchase or refund per California lemon laws
  • Deny the claim, citing that the vehicle does not meet California’s definition of a “lemon” or that the vehicle is no longer under warranty

Should your valid claim be denied, we can help you with the next step.

Proceed To Arbitration Or Litigation, If Needed

Most manufacturers encourage consumers to use arbitration to resolve lemon law claims. There can be certain advantages to arbitration, but by no means do you need to use arbitration. You are free to file a lawsuit in civil court.

Our firm will help you determine your next steps if your claim was denied. With over 30 years of experience handling lemon law claims, we will guide you through the process from start to finish.

Get Started On Your Claim

We can evaluate your case in a free consultation and help determine if your car qualifies under California’s lemon laws. If so, we can walk you through the entire process and help you seek compensation to cover all of the costs and expenses you have been subjected to. Contact our office in Encino by calling 866-544-4072 to get started.