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Are You Driving A Lemon?

Buying or leasing a new car, truck, motorcycle or an R.V. is an exciting time for most people. This is a purchase that only happens a dozen or so times in the average person’s life.

But what happens when the owner discovers that their new vehicle doesn’t work as expected? Certainly the manufacturer should be held liable for selling a lemon, but how does the process work.

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A word about our fees: We only charge fees if we are successful with your claim. Our payment from you is a small percentage of what we recover from the manufacturer on your behalf.

Signs That You Are Driving A Lemon

Sometimes the signs of a lemon are obvious, and sometimes they are not. The signs may be immediately obvious or they may take weeks to be noticed. Here are a few things to look for that may indicate you are driving a lemon:

  • Your vehicle has repeated problems requiring repairs
  • Your vehicle is constantly going to the repair shop
  • Your vehicle is unsafe to drive

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